Design of visual information designed for the Rhinoforum 2016 conference (http://rhinoforum.pl/en), which was held at the Soundgarden hotel in Warsaw.

The axonometric projection of the two floors of the space allows for an initial orientation in its layout and a quick localization of all relevant points. 
Additional floor plans show the detailed arrangement of exhibition stands and conference rooms. The plans include transport routes, leading to the hotel’s car park and rooms – including stairs and elevators.

The project is complemented by a set of visually coherent pictograms, created specifically for the event.
The blue color scheme of the map evokes associations with the stratosphere and refers to the “cosmic” theme of the illustration by Rafał Olbiński, the theme of the conference. 

Maciek Sobczak, Michał Stefanowski

03a_ilustracja3d_tlo 04a_legenda_tlo 01a_ilustracja2d_parter_tlo 02a_ilustracja2d_pietro_tlopiktogramy-01